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Coding has become mandate in almost all the roles in the Software Industry. Whether you Develop Tools, Automate jobs, Product Development & Testing, Process Excellence, Operations Management, System Administration, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence…. List doesn’t end here. It is very obvious now you get packed with the important programming languages. There are enormous languages in the market today each of which is cherry picked based on the purpose and fitment. Widely known languages are SQL, Python, PySpark, Pig, Scala, Java, R, JavaScript, Shell/Bash Scripting, C, C#, C++, Golang, Swift, PHP and many more.

It might sound terrific to look at these languages and it is close to impossible to become expert in all of them. Having said that, it is imperative to become expert in few of them. In the areas of Data Engineering, Analytics and Data Science, you would need to be strong enough in SQL, Shell Scripting, Python, R & Spark (Scala or PySpark) programming to start off the career.

A Perfect Roadmap For Successful

OrSkl helps you to learn these foundational programming languages for free, we believe that it is right to everyone to code for the success. We have curated few of the languages as you see below and many more will be added in the course of time.

Here is the roadmap to kickstart your learning right from the moment.

Python Fundamentals

One of the extensively used open-source programming language is Python…


SQL (Structured Query Language) is the programming language evolved in managing data on the …

Shell Scripting for Beginners

Bash or Shell script is a computer program designed to be run by the Unix shell, a command-line interpreter…

We have some awesome videos on our YouTube Channel with some use cases, tricky problems, demos of the courses and many more. Jump over to play through them.
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