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Are you ready to upskill yourself to the extensively demanded Engineering role of the modern decade? To be able to acquire data from anywhere and in any format is a skill to learn and worth investing your energy. Organizations today are finding it difficult to find talent who can Extract, Transform, Aggregate, Load and Maintain desperate forms of data (Structured, Semi-Structured, Un-Structured) yet be able handle the volume. The era of traditional ETL is slowly fading off and it’s time to build skillset which is platform or tech independent. Open-source yet powerful platforms and programming languages are the winning technologies in the industry these days.

To become a Data Engineer, you will need to be skilled enough with Programming, Version Control Systems, Big Data Tools, Cloud stack, Databases, Data warehouses, Data Structures, Schema Designs, Automations, Dockers&Maintenance. More importantly the context of the downstream data consumers, without which there is no value a Data Engineer can bring to the table. “Business Intelligence Engineer” is the newly emerging career which is an amalgamation of “Data Engineering”&“Data Analytics”.


A Perfect Roadmap For Successful
Data Engineer

Data Engineering is a career to build with focused and well guided content. Without real hands on and placement support, learning is incomplete. You will be navigated through the step-by-step courses by their importance and complexities in building the career.

Here is the roadmap to kickstart your learning right from the moment.

Step: 1

Coding has become mandate in almost all the roles in the Software Industry. Whether you Develop Tools, Automate jobs

Step: 2

You are all set to begin your learning path with this first stepping stone and foundational Essential course.

Step: 3

Ramp up your essential knowledge into market ready skills with this Big Data Engineering Booster course.

Step: 6




We have some awesome videos on our YouTube Channel with some use cases, tricky problems, demos of the courses and many more. Jump over to play through them.
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