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Data Pooling

Bring out the intelligence in your data, our team of experts will get your complex datasets together and generate scope of building insights to help businesses grow. Building uniformed Data Pooling &Intelligence for your Business is the key stone to make great decisions. The challenges in extracting the data generated at desperate sources irrespective of their formats is eased with our Business Intelligent solutions. Building a robust, reliable, optimized, responsive, self-managed Data Lake lays a strong foundation for Data Analysis & Predictive Modelling. We have been making it possible with our customized solutions to all our clients keeping the dynamics of the data intact.


Transform, Merge & build solution driven aggregations from the data generated in desperate formats into consumable design.


Let your data reside on RDBMS, Log/Object Storage, NoSQL, In Memory or Hadoop, our solutions are pluggable to be able to extract them.


Do you have any downstream data consumers? We can build powerful and highly secured APIs with our multi-layer data driven architectural solutions.


Modern warehouses need to be capable of handling and managing complex data sets to serve multiple units of your business. We are specialized in designing un-traditional warehouse with industry standards

Big Data

We build solutions for your voluminous of data on Hadoop Data Lakes. Our applications leverage the open-source tools on Hadoop to build streaming or batch analytics.


Why to limit CI/CD for product development? Let the Data Pipelines have this ability to containerize which hugely aids Agile development building micro-pipelines in Pooling your Data.

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